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The official guide to processing account requests.


  • Go to Special:ConfirmAccounts and click "Open requests" if there are any
  • When looking at the queue, start at the bottom and work your way up, and if possible please look at every request on the list
  • When viewing a request, consider the information below, then follow one of the following options:
    • Accept it, in which case you should comment a message similar to User:jvvg/Authentication/Messages
    • Fully reject it (i.e. the user obviously made no effort to read S:CONTRIB), in which case you leave a short comment explaining why the request was rejected and do not give the user the opportunity to fix it (they can submit another account request 1-2 weeks later)
    • Partially reject it (i.e. request notes were unclear or vague), in which case you mark it as partially rejected and notify the user, but give them the user chance to clarify what they meant in the request notes via comments. Remember to unhold a request after it has been fully rejected.
    • Please remember to click the "Confirm" button to save your choice after selecting one of the options (including the "Reject" option)
  • When rejecting a request, please explain why in the box that says "Comment", and please note that the comments are visible to those that have access to the request queue and the account requester through email.
  • After partially rejecting a request, if the user gives more vague information in the comments, ask for more specific information, and if they still don't give more specific information, fully reject the request.
    • Once the user has satisfactorily explained how they would help, look in the rejected queue and find the request, then check the "Accept" box and click "Confirm" - if the request is not there, ask the user to submit another one with the request notes stating that the request was accepted in the comments.

Things to Consider

Consider the following (in order) when reviewing a request:

  • Is the account two months old? (if not, fully reject immediately)
  • Is the user of Scratcher status? (if not, fully reject immediately)
    • Do not make any exceptions to this rule. Even if the user writes great request notes, do not accept.
    • If a user does not meet the above requirements but says they have an account that does, that does not matter, fully reject the request and explain that.
  • Is the user an alt account of someone who already has a Wiki account? (if so, fully reject immediately)
    • Do not make any exceptions to this rule, except those outlined at the bottom of S:CONTRIB
  • Is there anything you see that makes you question the user (i.e. something rude/inappropriate on their profile)? (if so, fully reject immediately)
  • Do the request notes use proper grammar? (if the grammar is obviously terrible, fully reject, but otherwise it isn't that much of an issue as long as it doesn't affect the meaning)
  • In the request notes, does the user properly identify at least 3 flaws in the flawed article and 2 things to add?
    • Saying "I found a grammar error" is not clear
    • Users must actually make sense of what they are talking about.
    • If the specific examples of what they would add to the flawed article are not allowed on the Wiki (e.g. writing about their projects), fully reject if there was little effort, partially reject if it seems like you could get more ideas out of them or explain to them why it's not allowed.