Hello I'm New to the Wiki and would love to get to know you better!

About Me

One of my many logos!

Hello, I'm a new Wiki editor but I've been on Scratch for a while! I'm a Christain and I know some Python Code! I just got 100 followers and I'm happy to start editing on the wiki! I work in many forum shops, and I publish the Scratch Observer!

A Brief History About Myself

In December of 2016, my aunt bought me a book [1] about Scratch which first inspired me to start Scratching!
Then in February of 2017, I created a Scratch account and start having fun!
In May of 2019 NYCDOT inspired me to request for a Wiki account[2] so I tryed!

Outside of Scratch

Outside of Scratch, I do many things. I am on a Swim Team and also play soccer! I play guitar pretty well and I'm learning to play Double Bass!

Games I Play

Every once in a while, I play KartKingdom. Feel free to look me up (Use common sense and guess what my username is.) I also play Paper.io every now and then as well as Slither.io and many other of those types of games.

  1. https://usborne.com/browse-books/catalogue/product/1/9569/coding-for-beginners-using-scratch/
  2. https://scratch.mit.edu/users/ajsya/#comments-57775074