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About me

Hi! I'm Chrischb from the Scratch Website. I'm been on Scratch from March 14 2008.

I come on most days to briefly check on things but don't count on my being active. I might reply to you if you post on my talk page.

I'm an administrator here — if you have any requests (deleting an duplicated file, protecting your user page, and so on), say so on my talk page and I'll get to it.

Feel free to ask for help as well.

BTW, I'm:

%60 Wiki ogre

%20 Wiki gnome

%13 Wiki fairy

%7 Wiki elf

I'm also a Wiki senior (blame my loss of activity on that), a retired Wiki cat (joke), sort of a Wiki knight, sometimes a Wiki mercenary, would be a Wiki policeman if I weren't an admin (unless a ban is necessary; in which case I have to bug a bureaucrat to come on the wiki), partly a Wiki wizard, and yeah. :P

My Scratch Story

I joined Scratch on March 14, 2008. I was really new at first, but at least understood some of it. It wasn't much, though; but I spent my first year gradually growing in knowledge.

My second year was much more than the first. My brother (Jonathanpb) had been #1 Top Downloaded (old days...) on Halloween 2008, and received a lot of publicity... to be honest, I was rather jealous. Fortunately, I was featured in early 2009 — yay!

I joined the Scratch Forums in mid-2009, unlike what my forum registration date says (it says 2008-7-24, wrong!). I stayed there since, falling in love with the old Text-Based Games Forum — but I soon fell off of it, because I saw it as unnecessary. I took part in the campaign to get it deleted; eventually the forum was moved to a separate part of the Scratch Website.

I got the urge to post in there as I had done before. It was good fun, and it's good I had stayed; if I had left, I wouldn't have met good friends, had lots of fun, and become a moderator. But for some reason I stayed (don't ask me why, I probably just didn't think about leaving), and fell in love with it once more — it was great!


On Christmas that year (2009), my holiday logo submission got picked - yay! Here it is:

Scratch Holiday Logo (Christmas 2009).png


I started to take interest in becoming a moderator; nikkiperson2 was having difficulties moderating because of time problems, and The-Whiz had to moderate by himself.

It was a great opportunity; me and Vista4563 had been friends after a race to reach 1000 posts in the TBG and had interest in moderating; we loved the TBG. An election appeared, and it was our chance — we ran, and were appointed soon after.

The banner. :3 Currently in my TBG signature. From left to right: Mika, Jonathanpb, Survivorduck, Me, Vista4563
It felt great being able to help with the TBG, and another good thing happened: I started Flag RPG! Me and my TBG friends have had many hours of fun on it together. This paragraph may be brief, but honestly: I LOVE IT. Here's a banner I made out of love (my eyes are looking towards the tip of my trident, not the girl on my right): -->

Later, a third moderator election was held - I helped run it, and was able to welcome two new moderators, BulboGrubb and Survivorduck. Since then we've fought some trolls, and... nothing much, really; the TBG is a far smaller place than the Scratch Forums.

Whoa - that's a lot of text about the TBG. :P

Now back to the main site. Nothing major happened until mid-February when the Collab Challenge was announced. I joined TheSaint's team (link) and got to work (graphics). I did the enemies (attacking animations too) and the basis of the dragon (TheSaint changed the wings and made the attacking animation). I hope you like them :P

We were rather slow, but the project was great. It was a side-defense game where you fight off a stream of enemies ranging for mere peasants to dragon slayers to royalty. Unfortunately, our progress was slow and at the day before the deadline (so vital!) TheSaint (who was updating at the time) had a problem with his computer. It wouldn't upload!

Fortunately, the Scratch Team decided to allow people a bit more time (bless them!). It was uploaded, and WE GOT FEATURED :D

Later in mid July, I received a message asking if I would like to participate in August's Collab Camp. I accepted, and got to help people out :3 I returned to normal in mid September, when the finished projects had finished being featured.

From then on I've just been coming on each day, though sometimes not posting.

In early October 2012 I retired from moderating on the TBG. It's been really cool working with such awesome people, but it's been taking up more and more time. Normally I'd be fine to help out, but it's been making me have to take time off studying to go sort things out.

I'll still be on though, but not as much.

My wiki story

I heard of the previous wiki in Febuary 2010, and first saw it as a bad place - well, the articles made to hurt certain users and advertise projects...

I continued to check on it over the next few days. The unneeded articles were removed, and the wiki began to blossom. I started editing without an account, finding the wiki great - I then made one, and it took off from there.

The wiki was slowly losing activity; it was just me, Lucario621, and fieryblackrose making most of the edits. Lucario621 appointed me as an administrator because I was active, and the tools proved useful.

More and more users joined. Eventually it began to lose activity, but slight enough that it wasn't a problem. Time passed, and Jonathanpb was also appointed as an administrator.

I then spent time categorizing lots and lots of files, which took up a lot of time... I reached 1000 edits during that. Once that was done, I returned to normal article editing.

This wiki was created soon after, and I relocated.

Nothing really to tell on this wiki, actually. xD Uh... never mind! :D

  • Helped edit the wiki prior to its public release
  • Helped welcome new users and manage new edits
  • Got upset with lowering activity
  • Was appointed as a bureaucrat to help create accounts
  • Created accounts
  • Lost bureaucrat status and its powers - account creation was moved to the list of administrator powers.
  • Lost ban power (relocated to bureaucrats)
  • Got mad xD
  • Lived with it
  • Got mad at being told what to do xD
  • Went on strike with Jonathanpb and WeirdF, went inactive for five days or so
  • Came back and was nice again :3
  • Normal editing
  • Ran out of ideas on what to edit, loss of activity
  • Loss of activity
  • JSO did his awesome Block Plugin, so I transcribed a bunch of scripts
  • Partied because account approval got fixed

Milestones and history

Helped out with the Collab Challenge 2012

Helped out with the Collab Camp

Joined the Scratch Collab Challenge (Teh Saintly Collab Team): February 12 2011

2000 edits: September 20 2010

1000 edits: July 3 2010

500 edits: June 8 2010

100 edits: May 16 2010

Administrator on Scratch Wiki: May 16 2010

Registered on Scratch Wiki: May 15 2010

This section is about milestones that occured during the time of the previous Scratch Wiki or before.

1000 edits: April 27 2010

500 edits: April 13 2010

Administrator on the wiki: April 3 2010

100 edits: March 22 2010

Begun work on the Scratch Secrets article: March 15 2010 (when will I ever get around to finishing it?)

Registered on Scratch Wiki: March 13 2010

Moderator on the Text-based Games Forum: February 17 2010

Registered on Scratch: March 14 2008

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