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It will flash its teeth at you!

Hi! It's me, Jonathanpb from Scratch. I've always wanted a nice Scratch wiki, and it's right here!

I'm an administrator here, so if you want something done (like one of your files deleted), you can ask on my talk page.

If you want to say anything to me, you can leave a message on my talk page. I'm not particularly active on here, but I may check back occasionally.

My Scratch history

This section and the one below were written quite some time ago and may not be up to date :P

I joined Scratch on March 14, 2008. The Scratch program was so weird! I had seen some cool projects other people had made; looking at the blocks, I wondered if I could ever create anything nice.

Well, I improved... I Scratched a lot, and eventually created a game that was okay-ish. Nothing great, though... but I took the main character and used it for my user icon! ;P

After some months, I had collected a lot of Star Wars sprites that I really liked. I had so many, and thought that other people might want them, so I put them all in a project and uploaded it. The next day, Top Downloaded! :D Pity that the Top Downloaded row doesn't exist anymore :/

I later tried to make a Star Wars game — after ages, I did it. I thought it was epic at the time, but now I call it lousy. :P

Around this time I saw the forums, took a look and was fascinated, and decided to help. So I joined, got posting, and tried to help around. Eventually I suggested that the Text-Based Games be removed, and later a separate forum area was created for them.

Around then I got interested in tool projects that could help the user. I worked on a code program in Scratch 1.3, but then 1.4 came along; with its good features, I made another code program for Scratch 1.4.

My favorite project that I've created is Orchestral Studio; it's a tool project that creates music (kinda like a small FL Studio). It can play up to eight notes on each tick and can hold many more notes at a time. I'm quite proud of it; it works well enough for me that I play with it regularly :P

I still use the forums, work on Scratch projects, and... um... love Scratch! :D

My history with the Scratch Wiki

This turned out as a sort of history of the Scratch (Programming) Wiki... at least you can read it if you want to learn some history about this wiki :D And for some reason, this history ends as soon as we moved to this Scratch Wiki... maybe nothing big happened to me here. xD :P

Around the middle of March 2010, the Scratch Programming Wiki was being advertised on the Scratch Forums. A lot of people came and edited the wiki; the result was ridiculous articles, including users and projects. I've always wanted a nice Scratch Wiki, but this one wasn't it ;_; I left for a bit, but then Lucario621 deleted the bad articles — that's better... but only 16 articles? Think about the 1,233 articles we have now xD The wiki wasn't very impressive.

I edited the wiki for a while, but then lost interest. Everyone else had left too, leaving just Lucario621 and Chrischb. Eventually, Lucario621 went off for a while... Chrischb kept on going on each day and making edits — thinking it would be useful to have a sysop for when he was inactive, Lucario621 made him an administrator.

I heard about this, and wondered, "How could he have liked the wiki so much?". (And yeah I was slightly jealous xDDD) Interested, I took another look at the wiki — it was brilliant! There were more articles, it was cleaner, nicer — I regretted having left :P So I go to work... and didn't leave. More people came; after a while we got a hundred articles! It felt like a dream, lol.

It was around this time that I hit a lot of problems. I wanted to do some stuff (trim the list of unused files, categorize all templates — even the protected ones, etc.), but I needed admin powers for that. After a while, Lucario621 made me an sysop so I could use the tools ^^'

After a short while, Lucario621 showed the wiki to Andresmh: He really liked it! He wanted to feature it on the Scratch website, but it had advertisements, it wasn't on a "" domain, and you couldn't be sure if a user on Scratch was a user on the wiki. To solve those problems, with help from JSO, the wiki was moved to the Scratch servers. That solved the first two problems. For the third, account creation was locked, and you now have to request an account; this way we know that a user on the wiki is the same user as on Scratch. With all this, the wiki would be official — and it would be public someday!!! I was so happy :P

And somehow I don't really have anything to say after that xD