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This is a new page for anybody who has requests on what pages contained before they were deleted. I'm an administrator and I have the ability to view deleted pages. Please leave a message here if you are requesting new pages to be listed here or if you want to view an actual revision of the page. Actual revisions will be pasted in my sandbox and will be viewable through history.

Basic terminology that I will use:

  • "Spam article" is any article that breaks S:NOSP or some "Hi evry1!" article that isn't used for sandboxing.
    • "Spam Redirect" is usually a redirect to one's user page.
  • "Test page" is any page used for sandboxing.
  • "Chat page" is an article that is worded like a forum post and intended for the use of foruming. Usually something belonging in the Scratch Forums.
  • "Dupe" is short for "duplicate article".
  • When I say "a redlink that was created for the sake of it being un-redlinked", I mean, for example, a redirect to the ancient Scratch Wiki:Unavailable.

This list is based on what I find and may not be entirely accurate or complete due to deleted revisions being purged out of the system.


Note Note: I cannot restore or view deleted files for the same reason as file deletion being broken.


  • Animation — The Basics was an old page merged with Making Animations.
  • Anti-Scratchers (last revision) was a fairly short article that said that some people were against Scratch and linked to some really dumb PunBB forums.
  • Art MMO was a spam article.
  • Aton and others were redirects to Atom (Scratch Modification) (also deleted) before the wiki updated their policy on misspelling redirects (which was apparently before I joined).


  • Backlong was a spam article.
  • Basic Game 1 was a really badly edited tutorial about making a basic pong game. It went against the wiki's policies so much and it was quite redundant.
  • Best Project wasn't actually a page, but was created to bring attention to admins to protect the page, an action which we declined because it seemed unnecessary.
  • BigDolphin was a spam article.
  • Binary code on scratch was a confusing tutorial apparently explaining how to use some kind of on/off thing?
  • Blank was a test page.
  • Block Exchange was some kind of article about some website for sharing odd blocks? The article didn't explain it well and I'm too lazy to click on any links.
  • Block Plugin Test Area was quite obviously a test page.
  • BYOB unofficial block library was a chat article for suggesting blocks for BYOB.


  • Canadian Scratchers (last revision) was a spam article that I didn't understand where it was going.
  • Case-insensitive-equals-block was a broken redirect. It eventually led to Case Insensitive Equal To Block (also deleted) from a lot of moving, but the article was redundant info that could have (and might actually be) located at () = () (block).
  • Category was a failed page that just linked to a couple of TOC pages.
  • Chat was actually an attempt at an informational article, but it contained about 5 words and a link to a Wikipedia article. Zero relevance to Scratch whatsoever.
  • Cloud Chat Ideas was an article about encoding strings so they could be put in cloud vars. It was deleted, however, because the nature of the article encouraged Scratchers to use encoding as a way to make cloud chats which are banned.
  • Commentsinproject was a dupe of Comment (programming feature).
  • Crab (Scratch Modification) was an unneeded redirect/duplicate of Crab (also deleted) when the author deemed it more of an extension.

Category namespace

  • Category:Articles that Need Updated was some fail grammar, sir. It turned into Category:Outdated Articles.
  • Category:Errors was a category that I couldn't really understand from the creator's description, but it was deleted due to being unused.
  • Category:Scratch was deleted for reasons that you can pretty much figure out.
  • Category:Users was a category that apparently held user pages, but was deleted because it went against a new wiki policy. (not new now but new then)
  • Category:Users on Wikipedia was for a template that one put on their page saying that they were on Wikipedia. It was deleted for the same reason as Category:Users.
  • Category:Why I joined scratch was a spam page that wasn't actually a category.


  • Dazman was a spam redirect.
  • Delete was (I think) a test page for testing Template:Delete.
  • Dissapearing Text Bug was an old misspelling redirect to Disappearing Text Bug.
  • Drag and drop was supposed to be a tutorial on how to make draggable objects but was never finished before its sad deletion.
  • Dragable Sprites Feture was a horrible misspelling redirect to Draggable Sprite Feature.
  • Dutch Scratch Wiki was a redirect to DACH-Scratch Wiki but was deleted because "the dach-scratch wiki has nothing to do with dutch."


  • Errors:Help with Errors was an old redirect left over from the moving to the page that finally became Help:Scratch Wiki Errors.


  • Famous Scratcher was sort of an informational page but it advertised Scratchers who were already way too famous. :P
  • Faveourite was a ridiculous misspelling redirect to Favorite.
  • Fibonacci Sequence was an informational article but had little relevance to Scratch.
  • Finding Project Ideas was some kind of tutorial on how to get inspiration on what to do for a project. All it had was how to get to the Project Ideas forum and a list of 40 project ideas. It was argued that it should be deleted.
  • First version of scratch was a redirect to Scratch 1.0 but was deleted because it was found to be unnecessary.
  • FlameBait was merged with Flame War.
  • Follow... was a spam page.


  • Gray (Game) was a spam article.


  • Hardmath123 was a spam redirect.
  • Harry Potter - The Next Generation Wizards RPG was a spam article on an RPG.
  • Hello was a redlink that was created for the sake of it being un-redlinked.
  • Hello world was plagiarism of wikipedia:Hello world program.
  • Help was a redirect to Help:Contents. It now redirects to Help (disambiguation).
  • Hi every one! lived two lives:
    • Its first life was moved here.
    • Its second life was a tutorial on how to make a simple project that literally only has a sprite saying "Hi every one!". It was deleted because of its blatant simplicity.

How to

  • How to create a gun was a tutorial that didn't actually say anything.
  • How to make a basic project on Scratch was a tutorial telling how to make a project that had a sprite moving with the Next Costume and Play Drum () for () Beats blocks.
  • How To Make A Project was a tutorial on how to make any project. It was both redundant of the rest of the wiki and obvious, as well as being too general.
  • How not to act on scratch was some kind of public service announcement that linked to this topic as an example of how not to act on Scratch.
  • How to test was a test page.

Help namespace

  • Help:Jump Right In! was a tutorial on how to get started with Scratch that didn't actually say anything.


  • I Am Creating The Worst Page Name Ever So That It Cannot Be Traced There Although It Is Still A Little Likely Lorem Ipsum Blah Blah Blah Delete This Please Already was originally Eternity Incurakai (also deleted) which redirected to Eternity Inc. (also deleted). I really have no idea why it got moved there, but I won't call out against the wikian who performed the move.
  • IWeb (Scratch Modification) was a Scratch Mod page that had very, very little info on it.


  • Jots was an informational article that was a stub. I couldn't follow it at all so I can't really say what it was about.
  • Jslomba was a spam redirect.
  • JsScratch was an adequate article on a Scratch player written in JavaScript, but I deleted it because it seemed very outdated and short enough to be deleted.
  • Jwosty was a spam redirect.



  • Letsscratch was a spam article about a fansite.
  • Link place was a redlink that was created for the sake of it being un-redlinked.


  • Listo of Curators was the second-best typo on the Scratch Wiki. It was moved to List of Curators.
  • List of Project Series was an ambiguous S:NOSP page arranged similarly to the modern page List of Collaborations. It was eventually deleted by community consensus.
  • List of special codes on the Scratch Forums was about scripts that ran on the forums like word censoring. Unfortunately, it was a stub that couldn't be expanded.
  • List Of Ways Scratch Is Horrible was merely a test page, requesting the title to be protected.


  • Magic words was an unneeded redirect to Help:Magic words.
  • March was a redlink that was created for the sake of it being un-redlinked.
  • Me Me was an unneeded redirect to Scratch Meme.
  • MegaMod (Scratch Modification) was an OK informational article, but it was deleted because there was little info available.
  • Minescratch (Scratch Modification) was a seriously empty informational article.
  • MMO was a failed informational article on how an MMO worked. It was just a long list. It had zero relevance to Scratch whatsoever.
  • MOPS was a spam article.


  • Need help on creating Minecraft 3D! was a chat page that said, and I quote, "I need help on creating the Minecraft in 3D. Anyone able to help me?"
  • Negative Numbers was a short informational article on what negative numbers were. It was quite vague and not related to Scratch in any way.
  • No was a test page.
  • NOMCO was an unneeded redirect to Removed Pac-Man Project.


  • Obsolete in scratchblocks was some kind of tutorial on making obsolete! appear in scratchblocks. It had no real relevant content.
  • Other programming sites was a dupe of Alternatives to Scratch.
  • Oveeraptogjae test do not used was a spam/test article.


  • Pet Paw Productions was a stub collab article.
  • PIES was a redlink that was created for the sake of it being un-redlinked.
  • Portal was an unneeded redirect to Scratch Wiki talk:Community Portal.
  • Portal Wars was an RPG forcefit into a collab. >_<
  • Protecting Your Project was, in my opinion, a horribly-written article on how to stop people from "cheating" in your games by modifying the code. Allowing it ("cheating", not the article) actually helps people learn, IMO. >_<
  • Psycics & Gnomes was an incredibly unnotable RPG with no real info besides how to play the RPG.


  • Quiet Please was a band on Scratch. It was actually quite good, but it had no activity in a long time so I deleted the page.
  • Quotes about Scratch was a page by the Scratch Team displaying quotes from young Scratch users. It was decided, however, that it would better belong on the main website.


  • Redirect To Self was probably a test page. It redirected to Special:MyPage.
  • References was an unneeded redirect to Help:References.
  • RPG Collab Wars was a spam page.
  • Rsdgfsdgf was a chat page.


  • Scratcher Types was an article on what various classes of Scratchers are, like New Scratcher, Scratcher, Scratch Team, etc.
  • ScriptRat was a spam article.
  • Scrolling map I think eventually wound up at Scrolling (sprites).
  • ScrollingGames was a dupe of whatever the scrolling article was at that time.
  • Snyff was an extension that was stubbed and unavailable.
  • Speedy deletion request was a page made for deletion requests. Unnecessary once you think about it.
  • Sprit and Spryte were misspelling redirects to Sprite.
  • Stage (1.4) was a history article, but was deleted because there was basically no change.
  • Star trek was an article that explained Star Trek in 10 words or less. It stated, and I quote, "Star trek is a TV show that is sci-fi." You can probably guess why it was deleted.
  • Start Buttons explained how to make start buttons. It explained nothing, however.
  • Streke was a misspelling redirect to Streak (also deleted).
  • Swifty style was a slightly biased article explaining how "about half the Scratch community draws people."
  • SynOS was a spam article.


  • Scratch Cheats was a spam article.
  • Scratch Errors eventually ended up at Help:Scratch Wiki Errors.
  • Scratch Morf was, as you can probably guess, a misspelling redirect to Scratch Morph.
  • Scratch Retro was a spam article.
  • Scratch War was a stub about an "unofficial annual event".
  • Scratch Worlds was a short article about a leaked MIT project.
  • ScratchOut was pretty much a spam article about a fansite.

Scratch Wiki namespace

  • Scratch Wiki:Copyrights was a redirect to Scratch Wiki:Copyright Info (also deleted). That page explained how to contact the Scratch Team on a copyright infringement.
  • Scratch Wiki:Unavailable was the "graveyard" for redlinks. I don't know when or where it was discussed to be deleted but I'd love to find out.


  • S:ADDNEWS was a shortcut to Scratch Wiki:Current events/HowTo (apparently also deleted).
  • S:CI redirected to Scratch Wiki:Copyright Info (see above).
  • S:KB redirected to Scratch Wiki:Known Bugs but could have been confused with a Knowledge Base.
  • S:RITE also redirected to Scratch Wiki:Copyright Info.
  • U:LB23o was a spam redirect.


  • Test was so obviously a test page, it's actually quite ironic that it was a test page.
  • The Scratch Cat's Hideout was a page about that one advertisement thread.
  • The Ultimate Gallery (Scratch Modification) (last revision) was an article about a gallery that was downloadable as an executable file. It was deleted because eventually S:NOSP applied.
  • TinyPic was an informational article about the image hosting site. No real relevance to Scratch there.
  • Title was a redlink that was created for the sake of it being un-redlinked.
  • Today is not april fools day was a blank article to basically activate some ready April Fools' pranks, but was deleted because it was deemed unnecessary.
  • Toki was an article about the Scratch craze of the Toki species. It was deleted because it didn't really suit the wiki's purpose and could be found otherwise on the Tarati Wiki.
  • Troll was a very short article on what an Internet troll is.
  • Truble Shooting was a ridiculous redirect to Troubleshooting (forum).

Template namespace

  • Template:Do not use was a dupe of Template:BrokenImage.
  • Template:Down and others were just the ↑↓←→ arrows.
  • Template:Flag was apparently a way to "flag" comments on the wiki. Kinda ridiculous that it would be a template.
  • Template:Link was to "make making links easier." Nobody knew why a regular wikilink couldn't just be used.
  • Template:Opinion Poll was... I'm not sure... I guess it was just something to poll users?


  • Unpopular Scratcher Row was information about an unofficial feature of Scratch 2.0 that was suggested and supposedly "approved" by Lightnin. There was no proof to support it, however...
  • Usernames (last revision) was a very biased article about what usernames were used for and "tips" on how to properly use usernames.



  • Warriers of the Forrest was a ridiculous redirect to Warriors of the Forest (RPG).
  • Why Scratch Is Horrible was merely a test page, requesting the title to be protected.




  • Zap2it was a spam article.


  • () () (disambiguation) was a page listing blocks that had two arguments really close together, such as () + (). You can probably see why it was deleted.
  • 124scratch was an unneeded redirect to Removed Pac-Man Project.