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Latin name: Oculus Wiki
Habitat: France
Family: Wiki
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Kingdom: Oculi

Hi! I'm NTB, a 15 year old boy who lives near Paris. I've now been on Scratch for a bit over two years[1]. As you may have noticed, I really like "illuminati confirming" things, chairs, cookies, and IKEA :P

What I am

on Scratch

  • A former FPC (#332)[2]
  • A forum helper[3], and Forum Helper manager since May 11th 2019.
  • Fr wiki admin
  • Scratch Welcoming Committee curator
  • Translator of various things:

my translations

On Scratch, there are a lot of things that have had to be translated, and I genuinely like to help out and have invested myself in translating various parts of the community. Things I translate(d):

  • SDS translator
  • Scratch Camp 2019
  • Propose projects to be Featured
  • Instructions for your FPC application

All of my translations can be found on my alt, @NilsTheBest_FR. As I speak french, you can find me in various francophone communities around Scratch :)

Outside of Scratch / IRL

  • 10th grader
  • short & skinny
  • owns 2 dogs and one cat. But cats r better :3
  • I used to play Ping Pong from 2016 to 2019. I stopped now because I don't really have the time, but it's still my favorite sport, and I used to be a really good player!
  • can reach 120-140 wpm

Illuminati projects

I sometimes "illuminati confirm" something or someone (like Scratch Cat, 2019, Avengers... and more). I made two projects confirming popular scratchers @TNTsquirrel and @FUZZIE-WEASEL in August of 2018. At the time, I was amazed by the success those projects got. However, in the middle of the making of the third episode, I started losing interest and stopped. I did make another episode ("confirming" Scratch Cat) when I found motivation again... 8 month later! The episode was very successful (top-loved, top-remixed, and has over 1250 loves and 1000 favorites as I'm typing this) and this motivated me to make more. As of late June 2019, I have made 6 episodes. I think I will take a little break and take time to make different projects, but the series will continue! :P All episodes can be found here.

I have also made a tutorial on how to make illuminati confirmations. It can be found here.

Chair of Republic

The Chair of Republic is a studio I created that was supposed to last a week at most as a joke on February 22nd, 2019. 3 or 4 people changed their profile pictures to a chair, and that was supposed to be it. Unexpectedly though, the studio blew up on trending and tons of scratchers joined and changed their profile picture to chairs. Chair-related projects are still to this day being made, and the studio used to always be on trending, but this stopped in August, unfortunately. The studio is surprisingly still active though, one year after!!

favorite quotes

"You made me a believer, believer bread" - google translate and VFDan

"Between, between, and drink a chair, because the water zero is coming..." - jvvg

"coocie" - Kenny2scratch


13K loves, 215K views, 219th most followed, and 4K forum posts!


  1. Joined on January 6th, 2018
  2. I was accepted in mid-October 2018 and my shift ran from the 19th of November 2018 to the 25th. The projects I curated can be found here: My FPC schedule and my application there: Message box - FPC Application (it got broken by 3.0 though, sorry!)
  3. Since January 6th 2019 (exactly one year after joining Scratch!). Link to the studio: