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Redglitter Profile Picture.gif Hey there! This page is maintained by me, Redglitter - so please don't edit it unless you have my permission. This is because it is one of my user pages. Although it's technically public, I'd appreciate it if you could avoid editing it unless it is a talk page and you'd like to leave a message - which is fine, but please don't mess up the formatting whilst doing so! (Don't worry, I know you wouldn't.) Thanks! - @redglitter
Redglitter's Userpage
Hi there! I'm Redglitter! I'm an active Scratcher who just loves making projects, banners, and wiki edits! (Yes, yes, and exclamation marks.) I like creating a range of different projects on the Scratch site, such as animations, blockshades, platformers, memes, and a lot more! You can see what I'm working on here.

WIWO (What I'm Working On) On Scratch


On the Main Site, I'm working on several things, which isn't a surprise, because I've had several ideas over the past week. Just for future reference, here's a chart that shows you the expected release date of each of my upcoming projects, and the progress:

Name Progress Expected Release Date
Browser Dash 75% Late September - Mid October
Glitter's Everything-ifier 30% November
The Snowypaw Chronicles 15%  ???
Fanart 50 %  ???
Next Meme 10%  ???
FPC Application 80% Early October
Icon Creator 55% Early October

So, I am working on a lot right now! XD I have to find time to do all of this inbetween wiki-ing and of course doing things outside of Scratch, so some of these may be delayed by a few months at the most.


At the moment, I'm trying to revive my Scratch shops as I haven't been really doing much on them recently. If you would like to help, please let me know on my Scratch profile or talk page!

Scratch Wiki

On the wiki, I am currently working on removing all the citation needed templates ever placed on the wiki, and replacing them with references. Aside from that, I love helping out generally, and I never leap with my wiki ideas - for example, if I want create an entirely new page, I create it in my userspace first so that I can see if there'll be enough info for a full page. [simplify] Another thing I like to do is work on some April Fools pages, as I love writing silly and comedic content! My favourite April Fools page I've done is Creative Commons License.


Thanks for reading my Wiki Profile! Feel free to ask me any questions on my talk page!