I am currently inactive on the wiki due to time constraints and the fact that I don't use or follow Scratch and its progression anymore.

About Me

I'm WeirdF, I joined Scratch in March 2009, and since then have created well over 100 projects. I don't use Scratch that much anymore, it ceased to interest me so much, I enjoy how it works and experimenting, but taking the time to create a project hasn't really happened for a while.

My favourite video-game is a game called League of Legends, if you play, talk to me on one of my projects, and maybe we can play together :).


On Scratch

Most of what I have done on Scratch is fairly boring until the old TBG was removed and the new one created in October 2009, so that's when I'll start.

I started using TBG from the moment it opened, creating many successful games including Fortunately, Unfortunately, Don't eat rocks - The Stupid Person's Guide to Life and Pretend To Be A Mod!

I started getting what you could almost call addicted. I was on every day, trying new games and playing the old ones. I now have over 8000 posts.

Then in February 2010, the second Moderator Election was held. I decided not to run as I wanted Vista4563 and Chrischb to win, and knew I wouldn't anyway.

And they did end up winning, and TBG stayed pretty normal for a few months until late May, when I suggested that we hold another moderator election since The-Whiz had become inactive. My suggestion was taken on board, and this time I decided to run.

The election[1] saw much flaming and cheating, it was a disaster really. Because of the cheating, a final election[2] was held. In the end Survivorduck and BulboGrubb won the election, with a tie. If you read this you'll probably see why I didn't win. I acted in a very immature and pathetic way, of which I now see my error.

Then came the dreaded spammer. A user who launched an attack on Scratch by posting inappropriate images everywhere, and linking to disgusting and disturbing sites. I gathered much evidence on the matter, and passed it onto BulboGrubb, who told the other moderators. However, we were struck with a dilemma, as two users had lots of evidence convicting them. But we eventually came to a conclusion as to which user it was.

After a while, I realised that loads of people were joining, and the TBG was getting very full. I found myself quickly losing interest, since I had preferred it when it was a smaller community.

On the Wiki

I joined the old Wiki some time in early 2010, late 2009 or something. I can't really remember. But when I joined I started editing and creating articles straight away. It took me a while to get used to it, but eventually I did. However, after a while I became inactive because that Wiki wasn't very good to be honest.

When I found out about the new Wiki I asked to immediately and my account was created on June 5th 2010. I have accumulated over 2000 edits now, and on July 10th 2010, I was made an administrator on the Wiki, giving me the power to delete/protect articles, create accounts and become a source of authority for new users, and a decision maker along with other admins.

Other Pages

Here are some other pages to do with me: